Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kendry Morales and Mike Lowell

Yesterday's freak injury to the Angels' Kendry Morales may set of a chain reaction that will result in Mike Lowell being traded by the Red Sox. Mike Lowell wants to be traded someplace where he can play. The Red Sox want to trade Lowell and almost had a deal done with Texas for catcher Max Ramirez before an injury to Lowell's right thumb put the kibosh on the deal.

The Angels suddenly find themselves in dire need of a 1st baseman. Do you think that they haven't already called the Red Sox about Mike Lowell? Since the Red Sox have shown a penchant for trading for players named Ramirez - how about catching prospect Carlos Ramirez from the Angels?

Knowing that the Angels may be desperate may spur the Rangers to get back on the trade horse in order to beat their Californian competitor to the punch. This may also get others into the mix.

The bottom line is that I'd be surprised if Mike Lowell is still with the Red Sox this time next week.

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