Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Lost in all the drama of last night's game - the Jorge Posada saga, the resurgence of Josh Beckett, the Sarah Silverman fiasco - was something truly amazing. Adrian Gonzalez did an impromptu Ichiro impersonation at the plate and hit a home run. Freaking incredible... So thanks to Sarah Silverman I guess one thing we learned last night is that you can't say the word "Mass-hole" live on Fox... Some things you learn are amusing some are not. Last night I had never heard of Derek Boogaard but Big Stupid Tommy recommended this profile of Boogaard in Men's Journal. I read the profile and came away thinking Boogaard was a pretty cool dude. Only later did I realize that people were posting things about Boogaard because he had died Friday. That put the whole Posada drama into another perspective... On a happier note - you should keep track of Teddy Bruschi's climb of Mount Kilimanjaro with some inspiring wounded warriors. Here's the first installment... With the news of Osama bin Laden's porn stash - how soon before someone asks President Obama if he has a porn stash? First off - how funny is it that the phrase "porn stash" is now appearing is so many "legitimate" news outlets? Secondly - Bill Clinton was the first President to be asked "Boxers or briefs" but will Barack Obama be the first President to be asked if he masturbates?... The Posada being asked to bat 9th made me think of this story of Kurt Vonnegut being asked to write a frivolous horse racing story... You know that the first Two and a Half Men show with Ashton Kutcher is going to have monster ratings. The ratings for the next couple will probably be strong as well but that's it. The producers are really squeezing the last drop out of that franchise... The one for The 6th Sense was my favorite - He's a Ghost. The 50 Funniest Movie Title Translations... What will be harder to explain to our grandkids - corduroy bell-bottom pants or why people did the Tomahawk Chop? Any time someone mentions the Tomahawk Chop - I always remember Norman Chad writing about it and asking people to do the Chop in front of a mirror without coming away feeling stupid. You would have a better chance wearing corduroy bellbottoms in front of a mirror and thinking you look cool than doing the Chop and thinking the same... How Australia does memes: The Plank.

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