Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations on Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. In order to help keep the day in it's proper perspective - here are 10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day... I am shocked — shocked! — to find corruption going on in FIFA! Not a big soccer fan myself but I do remember my reaction to the news that Qatar was being awarded the World Cup. So how does a tiny country in an inhospitable part of the world with a repressive Islamic government get a World Cup? Anyone with half a brain knew that big bribes were involved... Heh heh - this always cracks me up. The Count's Song... Who knew? In the Mad Max movies - Mel Gibson's character's last name is Rockatansky. From now on Max Rockatansky is my new fake name. If you hear Max Rockatanski being paged over a PA somewhere - chances are that's just me screwing around... Why can't this happen to me?... How come you don't see Code Pink organizing human shields to prevent additional US bombing in Libya?... Only 3 players ahead of Derek Jeter for all-time runs scored are not in Hall of Fame - Barry Bonds, Pete Rose and Craig Biggio. Likewise, only 3 people ahead of Jeter for all-time hits - Pete Rose, Rafael Palmeiro and Craig Biggio - are not in Hall of Fame. Is there any question in anyone's mind that Jeter is not a Hall of Fame player?... An interesting look back on the he first Indy 500.

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