Thursday, June 16, 2011

The War in Libya

Interesting article on the Obama Administration not dealing with the issue of if what the military is doing in Libya is war. Even FDR had to get Congressional approval to declare war on Japan after Pearl Harbor but Obama seems to see no such necessities.

The ideas of fairness and common sense seem to elude the Obama Administration. I know that if Libya was bombing us the way we are bombing them - I would say we were at war. I know that if this was a Republican President the press would literally be screaming bloody murder. I know that if this was a Republican President we would be seeing Code Pink demonstrations almost every night on the network news. Senator Obama would have been among the most vocal critics.

In terms of common sense - the US has no real strategic or critical interests at play in Libya. Some NATO nations do (oil rights) and the President allowed himself to be played by these countries. The President can't even reasonably explain why we are doing what we are doing or even what it is we are doing. That opens up a huge issue that the left wing of his own party will use against him in 2012. Remember - Jimmy Carter didn't lose to Ronald Reagan so much as Carter was mortally wounded politically by a challenge from Ted Kennedy.

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