Sunday, August 07, 2011

Greg Doyel is Wrong About Tim Tebow

Greg Doyel has what some will probably think of as a controversial take on Tim Tebow and his beliefs. I just think of it as wrong.

The underlying premise to Doyel's piece is that Tebow thinks he will be a successful NFL starter "for the Bible tells him so." Doyel likes that angle so much that he repeats it. The problem is Tebow NEVER SAID THAT.

If you look at what Tebow actually says, like his famous "Promise Speech" - Tebow doesn't say that it's God's will that he succeed. Tebow relies on his own strength of will. A refuse to lose chip on his shoulder that is normally a prerequisite for great players no matter what their faith.

And if I can take the same liberty with reading into things that Doyel does then I have to wonder if this column is the result of a green-eyed monster poking up its jealous head:
I've spent years in church, praying to the same God. I've shuffled to the front of the church in tears a time or two when pastor Guy Melton in Florida or Steve Larson in North Carolina made a call for us sinners.
So Doyel wants to be good but if he had Tebow's will and faith then why would there be a need for a second or third trip to the front of the church in tears? The impetus of this column may not be Tebow's success as a quarterback but Doyel's failure to live up to the Christian example set by people like Tim Tebow.

After reading the article I felt bad for Greg Doyel - not Tim Tebow. But the person I felt worst about was Brady Quinn. He was drafted about the same position as Tebow but now seems to be a complete after-thought in Denver's plan.

Maybe Doyel can write a column about how Brady Quinn's lack of faith is hurting his NFL chances?

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