Saturday, September 03, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

The Baylor / TCU game last night was great but it won't end up being the best game of the year. TCU ended their night on an interception. The best game of the year won't be ending on a turnover... Is the real news that Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong flies Southwest? Or that he got kicked off the plane? Can you imagine his trying the "Do you know who I am?" bit and the airline attendant asking "Then what are you doing on this cheap flight?"... Every year the Heisman Trophy hype is in overdrive the first week of the season. On Thursday it was Russell Wilson that was the darkhorse for the award. This morning it is Robert Griffin III (RG3). Who will it be once today's games are done?... If I had a business I would add a small line item charge to each bill for "opaque retraction". Who would complain? Who would know what it was for?... Brian Kenny was my favorite ESPN anchor. Now he is leaving ESPN for the MLB Network. Good luck to a good guy... Speaking of sports guys on the move - Bruce Feldman freed himself from the purgatory that was ESPN (his sin was not being Craig James) and is now at CBS Sports. On his first day he predicted a 49-17 Wisconsin victory over Nevada. The actual score was 51-17. Way to impress the new bosses Bruce... Unsightly Ear Hair would be a good name for a band or a fantasy football team... I'm looking forward to hearing Obama's upcoming jobs speech. I'm just afraid that we are going to have to pass his Jobs Creation Bill to find out what's inside it. No thanks...

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