Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I feel bad for Peyton Manning now but as soon as I see him in any commercial on Sunday I'll wish he was more badly hurt... President Obama is expected to announce a new $300 billion stimulus package in tomorrow's speech. For $300 billion he could easily just buy and The Ladders and claim any jobs gotten through those sites as evidence of the success of his programs... Who knew? Sean Peyton and Mike Shanahan both attended Eastern Illinois University. Brad Childress also went there but he doesn't count... If President Obama really wanted to use $300 billion to jump start the economy - wouldn't it be better just to give every American a $1,000 gift card?... People forget that Bill Buckner was traded to the Red Sox for Dennis Eckersley. If Eckersley had stayed in Boston would the Red Sox have won the 1986 World Series? I think if Eckersley stayed in Boston he would have remained a starter and never would have made the Hall of Fame... I saw a NYDN poll today that asked, "Would you vote to re-elect President Obama?" 71% voted NO... The word "saloon" is just fun to say. "Saaaaa-loooooon"... I have to admit that the new Maryland uniforms from the other night started to grow on me. Sort of like Matt Smith as the new Doctor in Dr. Who... Good question - without the backdrop of a joint session of Congress - how many networks do you think would carry President Obama's job speech tomorrow?

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