Monday, July 15, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

One of the benefits of being at the track during a NASCAR race is the fact that the noise of the cars is so loud that you can pretty much fart whenever you want and nobody will hear it... Rajon Rondo "I will never play for the Miami Heat"... Would it be ironic if the Patriots pre-draft report said that Aaron Hernandez had a "killer instinct". I wonder if given what happened with Hernadez if the phrase "killer instict" will be dropped from the sports nomenclature... It's James Joyce's Ulysses and Melville's Moby Dick for me...  It would not surprise me at all if Hollywood already had a sequel to SharkNado in the works. How about SharkNado II - The Reckoning... 11 people who almost played Doctor Who. I think Bill Nighy would have been fantastic... Barack Obama seems to be predisposed to only enforcing the laws he agrees with. This seems to make his Administration's enforcing pot laws even more vigorously than George Bush did seem very strange. Especially given his supporters views on legalized marijuana and his own past with the drug... If they can do a sequel to the movie Wall Street after decades. Why not a sequel to the movie The Secret of My Success?... As bad as Chris Berman makes your ears bleed during the HR derby it used to be even worse when he was partnered with Joe Morgan... Cool - fireworks and lightning at the same time...


  1. Eddie Izzard as Dr. Who would have been either the Best. Doctor. EVAR!!! or who would have flamed out so spectacularly that it would have attracted viewers. Either way, the studio wins.

    And when it's time for the Doctor to regenerate, that's when you bring in a female Doctor. Just sayin' ...

  2. I liked Moby Dick, but then I read it as an adult a few years ago. Could not finish Gravity's Rainbow.