Monday, February 10, 2014

Player Comparison

With Spring Training upon us - this player comparison has been on my mind this morning.

Player A - 715 G/ 865 H/ 65 HR/ .297 BA/ .350 OBP/ .439 SLG/ .789 OPS
Player B - 892 G/ 948 H/ 139 HR/ .269 BA/ .357 OBP/ .473 SLG/ .830 OPS

What really got me thinking about this comparison is the fact that Player B is only 1-year older than Player A but has played 177 more games DESPITE missing the last two seasons to injury! Think about that for a minute. Player A is Jacoby Ellsbury and Player B is Grady Sizemore.

Best case - if Sizemore is healthy and can return to form then the Red Sox have basically replaced Ellsbury's production at a fraction of the cost. Worst case - they write off Sizemore's contract. It's a no-lose lottery ticket on a guy who is just 1-year older than Ellsbury!

1 comment:

  1. The way Cleveland's luck goes Sizemore will be league MVP this year. Seriously though, it is a shame how he got wrecked by injuries. More than any other player he went full bore all the time. Every easy grounder that other guys would jog to first on he'd sprint all out which occasionally lead to errors as infielders would rush their throws. Don't know if he can come back, but wish him the best. Fans won't be cheated by his level of effort.