Saturday, June 28, 2014

State of the Red Sox

As I write this the Red Sox are 8 games back in the AL East and 7 back in the AL Wild Card. Time to panic and become sellers? Yes and no. Here are the five moves I'd suggest Boston make in the next two weeks.

1. Trade Jake Peavy. Like right now. Peavy has his World Series ring and his Duck Boat. All he is doing now is taking up a spot in the rotation that would be better used by a returning Clay Buchholz or a Rubby Del La Rosa. He's 1-6 (not his fault) with a 4.93 ERA (his fault). He's got an ERA+ of 81. That's below replacement level - replace him. Eat half his contract and send him to an NL team in need of a 4th or 5th starter. Look for this move to happen. It's just so apparent at this point to everyone involved.

2. Bring up Mookie Betts who has a .960 OPS with 29 steals so far in AA and AAA this season. Gordon Edes seems to be arguing against this move but I think it is one that has to happen and the sooner the better.

3. Trade Jonny Gomes. If you bring up Mookie Betts you have to play him and Gomes would be one of the guys standing in his way. Gomes has the reputation as a winner and a good clubhouse guy - use that reputation to trade him to an NL team in the playoff hunt for a bag of balls.

4. Trade AJ Pierzynski. The guy is a dick and I feel dirty rooting for him. Christian Vazquez would be a big improvement defensively and the team needs to learn if he can hit at the MLB level. Besides what are you really losing offensively with Pierzynski posting a 75 OPS+?

5. Sign Jon Lester to a 5-year $100 million contract. It's going to happen anyway so do it now to show the fans the team is thinking long term.

Bonus move - once Shane Victorino is healthy trade him too.


  1. Yikes. The biggest thing I've missed since moving from Mass to Atlanta is NESN. Doesn't sound like I'm missing anything this year.

  2. Not really missing anything this season - sad to say

  3. Looks like they're reading your blog, Betts was called up.
    I could see Gomes back to the Reds. They need to improve their bench and Gomes is probably better as a spot starter than a full time regular.
    Peavy to an NL team that is almost in contention. Thanks to the Wild Card there are several.
    As to Lester, I get the sense they're not in a hurry to commit. Injury potential is always a concern with pitchers and long term contracts.
    Pierzinski? Tougher sell. Might find a contender who loses their catcher and want to add a jerk element to their team persona. Might be stuck with him.