Wednesday, October 05, 2016


The Boston Celtics showed "unity" in locking arms last night during the national anthem prior to the first pre-season game in Amherst, MA. The Los Angeles Lakers are also locking arms during the anthem.

I have no problem at all with these protests. They aren't exactly anything new under the sun though. Here's the 1960-61 Boston Celtics team photo - making a statement of civil rights equality.

As I've said before - I also don't have a problem with Colin Kaepernick doing this. What I do have a problem with is many of the same sports writers and sports talking heads defending and praising Kaepernick are the same ones who knocked or belittled Tim Tebow for doing this. Both players silently kneeling - one in protest and one in thanks.

I would love to have a scorecard for the hypocrites on this so I'd be better informed of which voices to mute.

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