Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Steven Den Beste

The greatest thing about the Internet is the way it opens up new ways of thinking to a person's world and new exciting thinkers. In the early days of blogging Steven Den Beste was one of the most influential - to me - thinkers on the Internet.

Whether it was explaining why we are fighting in Iraq, riots in Paris, or heroism. Steven's logic was always almost flawless. When I learned of his passing I looked through my archives for essays of his but unfortunately the links to those articles and his old site, USS Clueless, no longer work.

I first learned of Steven's passing from Borepatch. With the passing of Den Beste - the Samurai Jack of the Interwebs - the world is a lesser place.

EDIT: Harvey kindly provided a link to Steven's archives


  1. I saw the news on The Smallest Minority blog, which led me to another blog, which gave 2 links to the archives:

  2. Thank you Harvey

  3. I learned more about the world from reading him then all of the professional media put together. His logic was indeed flawless.

  4. Glad you liked it. :) His was always one of the first blogs I hit in the morning.