Friday, July 13, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Reminder - the New York City radio station that was carrying the liberal talk radio Air America actually saw its ratings increase when it switched to an all Gospel music format... Youth is not a time in life... The "no touch" Ohio stripper laws help explain why the Cavaliers have such a hard time signing NBA free agents... The five types of wealth - 1 financial wealth (money), 2 social wealth (status), 3 time wealth (freedom), 4 physical wealth (health) and 5 spiritual health (wisdom)... In the great Twitter purge looks like I actually gained 2 followers - unlike Ray Lewis...  I can't understand the mindset of some vegans who think "meat is murder" but who can simultaneously support abortion... Geez it's almost as if the more government got involved with something the more expensive it becomes to the consumer. Who would have thunk it?...


  1. Wow, that Youth quote is amazing. Where did find it? I would like to post it but want to credit the author.

  2. I found it from Mike Lombardi. But this is what he wrote about the authorship:

    The Youth quote hung on the Wall of Bill Parcells office. Often General McArthur is credited with the quote, but he borrowed it from Samual Ullman.

  3. Very interesting. Thank you.