Thursday, January 10, 2019

I'm a Pagan Too

This article about the increase in the number of "Heathens" in the US military made me think of the great movie Breaker Morant and the awesome heartbreaking "I'm a Pagan too" scene. It also got me wondering if potentially the increased "popularity" of the Norse Gods in the military has anything to do with the showcasing of Thor in the Marvel Universe especially in the Avengers movies.

It probably doesn't hurt that the recently published Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology is topping many best seller lists as well.

I give the movie Breaker Morant and the book Norse Mythology two enthusiastic thumbs up!

When it's all said and done - I think I'm a Pagan too!


  1. Breaker Morant is one of the finest war movies ever made, right up there with Paths of Glory. Fantastic performances. If you want to see a real heartbreaker, find The Bridge (German). Low budget, high payoff.

  2. Paths of Glory might be Kubrick's best movie.

    Had not heard of The Bridge Before - will try to find it.