Thursday, October 04, 2012

Presidential Debate Thoughts

I know I am not alone in being disappointed that there wasn't any mention of "lady parts" last night. I was also a little disappointed that whenever President Obama mentioned "math" that Mitt Romney did not come back and say, "Mr. President, I am very good at math. So is my running mate Paul Ryan. If people want proof of this they can just check our college transcripts." That would have been awesome.

Many Obama supporters are comforting themselves this morning by thinking that there's no way he can do worse in the next two debates. They couldn't be more wrong. The Romney we saw last night is Romney. That's exactly who he is and we should expect similar performances in the next debates.

Obama? Many of his advisers will probably tell him he has to come out more fired up next debate. I predict that won't end well. As bad as last night was for the President - there was no "You didn't build that!" sound clip. An angry, indignant Obama will be much more likely to make such a planned comment or slip.

Real proof that Romney won last night - his Vegas odds of being elected pretty much doubled during as the debate went on. Soon Romney will be even money so get your bet in now before people realize that betting on Obama is a sucker's bet.

Photo via Mitt's Body Man.

EDIT: Almost on cue Obama Camp Promises Tougher Response to Romney in Next Debate. Remember where you heard it first - that won't end well for Obama.


  1. An underrated element to Romney's approach is that he did a good job of explaining why he believes in doing something instead of just telling. It's one thing to say "cutting tax rates will create jobs", but it's another thing to explain why he believes that reducing rates instead of just closing loopholes will work better. Explaining things make people feel smarter, which in turn boosts confidence.

  2. I thought Romney explaining the three ways to cut the deficit was one of the best economic lessons ever given in a debate. Great job!