Friday, March 08, 2013

Justified Question

I love the show Justified and have thoroughly enjoyed this season which revolves around the mystery of who is Drew Thompson? The answer to that question was revealed in this week's show but since then a question about the plot has been bothering me.

The whole - who is Drew Thompson question got set in motion by Arlo Givens trying to retrieve a diplomatic bag with Waldo Truth's license which was hidden in a wall of Arlo's home. Here's what's bothering me:

A: If Arlo just left the bag alone - none of this happens and Arlo would still be alive. If a new owner of the house did some construction and found the bag - it would have little or no significance to them. Why take the risk to retrieve the bag?

B: Why did Arlo keep the bag in the first place? He knew who Drew Thompson was. He didn't need the license.

C: What was the significance of the diplomatic bag? Was this a secret that died with Arlo?

The show normally does a nice job tying up loose ends and on details (for example Adam Arkin has always had mismatched eyes with one looking like it could be glass even though it was only revealed that Drew Thompson shot Theo Tonin in the eye this season). Why did they leave this loose end hanging? Or did I miss something?


  1. What is even more puzzling is Arlo's progression from general-purpose lowlife to stone cold killer. It's a bit jarring.

  2. I could kind of understand Arlo's progression. The way I understand it - it was Drew Thompson's money and cocaine that allowed Arlo to escape working in the mines and it was first Frances then Helen that kept his violent nature in check. With both Frances then Helen passing plus Arlo having basically nothing to lose - his violent nature started to take complete control.

  3. I can see that. It's just that Arlo was always a kind of Dewey Crowe writ large in a lot of ways. A lot smarter than Dewey. I kind of miss him, Dewey I mean. I'm also behind a couple of episodes, so I may have missed some context