Sunday, December 14, 2014

Greenpeace and the Nazca Lines

You should be outraged when you read what the clueless, self-absorbed, entitled idiots at Greenpeace did to the Nazca Lines in Peru. It was an unprecedented desecration of a 2,000-year old UNESCO site and for what? So Greenpeace could have a centerpiece to a new marketing campaign!

The "ad" they placed was in English. Not Spanish so they could send a message to the host country of Peru. Not Japanese - for whom Greenpeace is best known for combating in their anti-whaling campaigns. Not Chinese - the most populous nation and the country who needs the most change when it comes to pollution and carbon emissions. The "ad" was in English because that's the language that gets Greenpeace the most return when they do fundraising.

Imagine the outrage if Chick-Fil-A spray painted "Eat More Chicken" onto the rocks of Stonehenge. Imagine the outrage if Coke chiseled their logo onto George Washington's forehead  on Mount Rushmore. There would rightly be a world-wide boycott of those products if those companies did that. That's the type of lasting damage that Greenpeace just perpetrated on the Nazca Lines. There is not enough outrage over this. Fuck Greenpeace!

I hope the Peruvian government not only throws the book at the Greenpeace folks who did this - I hope they also go after anyone at Greenpeace who had a hand in planning this "ad" or helped in the logistics of making it happen.

Fuck Greenpeace! And fuck you too if you send them even one dime in contributions.

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