Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo was one of my favorite Celtics players and I always viewed him as a hybrid of two of my favorite Celtics from the past.

On the court I always viewed him as the closest thing to Tiny Archibald who was one of my favorite players growing up (got to meet him at a basketball camp one year and he really impressed me). Off the court it was said that Rondo could be difficult and that he had an "attitude". That reminds me of Dennis Johnson - who it should be remembered came to Boston in a trade for Rick Robey (Wick Wobey with the Webound) and two 2nd round picks. At the time Johnson was supposed to sort of a problem player. In Boston he proved to just be a winner. Larry Bird called him the best player he ever played with.

There are probably more parallels with Johnson than with Archibald. Dennis Johnson was an excellent defender who was not the greatest shooter in the world. Sounds like Rondo right? DJ also won a championship early in his career in Seattle (the team that drafted him) then found more championship success after being traded to the Celtics. Maybe the same will happen for Rajon in Dallas?

Godspeed Rajon Rondo. Thanks for all the memories.

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