Sunday, May 03, 2015

Top 5 - Thoughts on the Kentucky Derby

Here's 5 thoughts on yesterday's Kentucky Derby.

1. I hit the trifecta yesterday but for the second time in the past 5 years the amount I won wasn't enough to cover my bar tab for the day.

2. Bob Costas must really love doing the Kentucky Derby. Watch how happy he is when he's looking down to interview the jockeys.

3. The $2 trifecta paid just over $200. If any of top three horses other than American Pharaoh had won - the payout would have been at least double. I did a 5-horse tri-box with Carpe Diem, Danzig Moon, Dortmund, Firing Line, and American Pharaoh. It costs $120. I may do the same bet for the rest of the triple crown races.

4. How funny would it be if instead of elaborate hats - the ladies (and Johnny Weir) had to wear fake beards?

5. I want to own the suit Rob Gronkowski wore to the Kentucky Derby yesterday.

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