Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I think the crisis in faith in the Catholic Church stems from the fact that a big deal is made out of First Communion but second communion not so much. That's when things start to get off the rails... Heh heh - advice from tech support... Wladimir Klitchko lost the heavyweight title he's held for 10-years last night. It might be true that Klitchko was the strongest man to hold the title since Jess Willard. Maybe George Foreman should also be in the conversation... It would have been a little cooler if she yelled, "That's Captain Jack Sparrow"... Seriously - how soon before universities in the US ban images of Uncle Sam because it gives some precious snowflake the vapors?...  How many men are going to read this and think, "I got to get me a BMW motorcycle"... When Jack Dempsey started boxing he used to splash bull urine in his face because it was believed it would make his face tougher and so protect against cuts. What weird belief do you think athletes have today that will look just as ridiculous 100-years hence...  That was true of Lincoln... George Washington wasn't perfect. He didn't like whiskey... Sometimes evil just looks silly... Pretty sure Rape Whistle would be a bad name for either a band or a coconut rum drink... Cool... If you raped Peter Pan would you also be charged with statutory? What about possible elder abuse? Legally how old is Peter Pan? Asking for a friend...

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