Sunday, December 06, 2015

Top 5 - Robert Loggia Roles

Saddened by the recent passing of actor Robert Loggia. At one point in time Loggia seemed to be everywhere and in some small role in every movie or TV show that came out. Here are what I consider his top 5 roles.

1. Scarface (Frank Lopez)
2. Big (MacMillan)
3. Independence Day (General William Grey)
4. Necessary Roughness (Coach Wally Rig)
5. Prizzi's Honor (Edwardo Prizzi)

As far as I'm concerned you could put those roles in any order you like. Loggia wasn't the lead but he was memorable in all those films. You could also argue the TV show Mancuso, FBI should make the list but I'd have to leave that to you since I never watched the show.


  1. Don't forget An Officer and a Gentleman

  2. Thought about that but his role as the dad at the very beginning of the movie was such a small role and had little impact overall on the movie.

  3. It was small but I disagree that it had little impact, as his dysfunctional upbringing colored everything he did. Plus, it was the first time I saw Robert Loggia, and it was awesome.

  4. I don't disagree with you at all.