Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Oscar Robertson left college 51 years ago. NCAA still making buck off him. Big O not pleased. Tell me again why these activities by the NCAA are not taxable? What does playing cards of Oscar Robertson have to do with education?... About 45 minutes into Obama's State of the Union speech I really wanted someone in the gallery to yell "Freebird!"... Not bad for one day's work - Erik Seidel won the $250,000 buy-in at the Aussie Millions beating Sam Trickett for a $2.5 million dollar payday. Seidel doesn't get near the public recognition he deserves... New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman tended bar last night in NYC. Is it me or is Cashman trying to be Theo Epstein?... I agree with Stewart Mandel - how can Kirk Ferentz be out recruiting after so many of his players were just hospitalized basically for brutality? At this point does he think people will buy the line "If your child commits to Iowa I'll take care of him?"... The things you learn on the Internet via Mental Floss: "The Steelers famous Terrible Towel is made by McArthur Towel & Sports in Wisconsin. Their president is a big Packers fan"...

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