Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I guess as long as you're not the guy who got blown up this is pretty funny... Jimmer Fredette is averaging just over 34 points per game for BYU. As a senior Danny Ainge averaged just over 24 PPG... Not a fan of Michael Jackson by any means but I found this Dueling Cellists Play "Smooth Criminal" to be very cool. If I owned a baseball team - I'd invite these two to play the National Anthem just to see what they could do with it... Bartolo Colon (4.10) and Pat Hentgen (4.34) are the only two pitchers with a career ERA over 4.00 to win AL Cy Young Awards. Bartolo Colon did not deserve his award... Joe Flacco sounds off on the firing of Jim Zorn. Interesting... File this under you can't always believe what you read - lists Bartolo Colon's weight at 185 pounds... "Taco party outside Bill's office" has to be some sort of sexist code... Penn Jillette is one interesting SOB... Danny Ainge is the only person to be a high school first team All-American in football, basketball, and baseball... A Match Made In Heaven...

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