Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Cutler

I've never been on the Jay Cutler bandwagon and I'm guessing today that the bandwagon is a lot more empty. When I saw Jay Cutler on the sidelines yesterday I thought he was doing his best Ladainian Tomlinson impression. Let's take a quick look at a comparison:

Jay Cutler 15 G/ 3274 Yds/ 23 TD/ 16 INT/ 52 Sacks
Kyle Orton 13 G/ 3653 Yds/ 20 TD/ 9 INT/ 34 Sacks

I wonder how many Bears fans would make a trade Cutler for Orton straight up this morning? I know that after yesterday I think Josh McDaniels was more than justified for looking at trading Cutler for Matt Cassel (small good that does for McDaniels). If you Cutler defenders are going to say that he doesn't have any weapons to work with keep in mind that the 3rd round pick Chicago traded away (along with two 1st round picks) went from Denver to Pittsburgh who used the pick to draft Mike Wallace.

Of course an even bigger question than "Does Jay Cutler have any guts?" is the question "Why is Todd Collins the Bears back-up QB?"

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