Friday, January 14, 2011

Patriots vs Jets

Three points I'd like to make about this Sunday's playoff game between the Patriots and the Jets:

1st - Many people are saying that the Jets will need to run the ball to chew up the clock and at the same time keep Tom Brady off the field. That's all well and good but if the Jets get down by a touchdown or 10 points - then they will have no choice but to go to a passing attack.

2nd - Everyone always says one of the most important keys to a game is turnovers and they are correct for saying so. Who do you think is more likely to turn the ball over on Sunday - Tom Brady or Mark Sanchez? Sure Sanchez cut his number of interceptions down this season but Tom Brady's lack of interceptions has been historic. For their careers Sanchez throws about 1 interception for every 25 passes thrown which probably means an interception on Sunday while Brady has averaged about 1 interception for every 50 passes. Also this season Sanchez was three times more likely to fumble the ball (9 fumbles to 3) than Tom Brady. Given all that - who do you think is more likely to win the turnover battle on Sunday?

3rd - In regard to Wes Welker's foot reference laden spiel from yesterday - I couldn't help but be reminded of the under-rated comedy Super Troopers. I wonder if someone in the locker-room bet Welker on the number of foot references he could make similar to the bet on the number of times the trooper would say "meow" during a traffic stop.

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