Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Player Comparison

Take a look at these similar pitchers:

Player A: 50-67 / 5.05 ERA / 918 IP / 6 Seasons
Player B: 20-24 / 4.47 ERA / 493.2 IP / 8 Seasons

Pretty nondescript players who made close to the same money over their careers, they were even about the same size (both 6 foot and about 190 pounds). To cap it off these two guys were even traded for each other back in 1999.

Player A is Mike Maroth who just officially retired. Jason Beck had a very nice article on Mike Maroth - who as the article points out is best remembered by the average fan for losing 21 games back in 2003.

Player B is Bryce Florie who is probably best remembered by the average fan for suffering a severe facial injury in September 2000 at Fenway Park off a line drive by the Yankees' Ryan Thompson.

The thing is - no matter how many similarities the two players have the thing that struck me the most from stories I've read over the years of both players was how good of persons they were first and foremost. That's what made me take the time to post this in the first place.

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