Friday, January 28, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

What happens when a Black Bear runs into a cow? (Amazing pictures)... I'm looking forward to the Charlie Sheen anti-drug public service announcements. You know they are only a few weeks away from being made... The Men's and Women's winners at the Australian Open each get $2.2 million mean while Erik Seidel just got $2.5 mil for one day's work playing poker at the $250,000 buy in at the Aussie Millions... Mike Lombardi has a good look at why Jeff Fisher's time had come in Tennessee. I especially agree with this quote: "[Vince] Young's lack of leadership, work ethic and commitment to the team is why he is not coming back, not Fisher"... Tweet of the Day - @pourmecoffee: Mubarak on Internet connectivity: Probably your router; try turning it off and back on again... Wade Boggs for his career hit .369 at Fenway and just .307 on road yet people always point out Jim Rice's Fenway splits. Oh and overall Boggs had just a .781 OPS and just a 82 OPS+ for his career on the road. Don't get me going on Wade Boggs... 10 strange beer names and their stories... So turns out Bernie Madoff is going to be to the Wilpons and the Mets what Michael Jackson was to the Sullivans and the Patriots... Never noticed it before but Captain Crunch has crazy eyes. Just left Charlie Sheen's house kind of crazy eyes... I'm guessing Cromartie didn't put aside any game checks like NFLPA suggested. No wonder he's so uptight... Maybe it's the name "Wade" - Wade Boggs, Ed Wade, Wade Phillips - not a guy in the bunch I like...

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