Monday, January 17, 2011

The Morning After

The dropped touchdown by Alge Crumpler and the dumb fake punt. Two plays. If the Patriots could have those two plays back things would have been different. Ah of all the words of tongue and pen - the saddest are "it could have been".

The Patriots can't have those two plays back and now have to live with the loss. We fans also have to live with the loss. Just like in 2007 when the Patriots lost the Super Bowl on a fluke once and a lifetime catch. Just like in 2006 when the team was up 21-6 over the Colts at halftime only to lose 38-34. The team has rebounded from those losses and the fans have moved on but this loss seems different.

Now there will be no humbling for Rex Ryan. The world will have to endure his bluster unabated. Now Pats fans will be forced into a Sophie's choice next week - do you root for these Jets who you found so classless or do you root for a rapist in Ben Roethlisberger? Or do you put football in the background completely and concentrate now on the Celtics (and Bruins for those so inclined)? My guess is that the ratings for next week's games will be lowest among the top cities in the country in Boston. People are just going to tune out.

Is that provincial? I guess it is but the Boston area is so blessed with good sports teams that this loss by the Patriots will not fester. The NBA playoffs will soon be here and the Celtics should go far. And pitchers and catchers is right around the corner with the Red Sox favored by many to win it all this year. No this loss won't fester.

But today it hurts.

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