Sunday, June 05, 2011


Dear ESPN,

I watch your channels for several hours each day so I hope you take my concern to heart.

I really like that Watch ESPN App commercial where the Jack Elam look-alike cowboy screams "Vannnnn Gunnnndeeeeee" but I do have a bit of a criticism. At the end of the commercial it shows the cowboy shooting his pistol off into the air several times. Do you realize how irresponsible that is? Those bullets have to come down somewhere. Maybe they land harmlessly. Or maybe they kill a far away cowboy minding his own business or maybe somebody's pet dog, sheep or cow.

Why not just have the cowboy drunk driving, shooting heroin or doing some meth? If irresponsible is what you were aiming for why not go all the way?

Maybe I'm just over-reacting.



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