Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weinergate - Take 2

Yesterday Anthony Weiner admitted what to many was obvious - he sent the lewd picture to the 21-year old college student. There was no hacker. There was no prank. There was no conspiracy. There was only a scumbag named Anthony Weiner.

Take a look at how Weiner originally reacted to the situation and tell me he is not a scumbag. He was not a victim - he was and is a scumbag.

Keep in mind that Weiner cannot say with certitude that all the girls he had inappropriate contact with are of legal age. That means that he may have being violating the Internet Sexual Predator law that he backed.

Anthony Weiner - liar, hypocrite, morally questionable, vainglorious, national joke of a scumbag.

My prediction is that as details of his dalliances come out - and they will - it will be impossible for him to keep his job. You know he has a x-rated Brett Favre picture just waiting to surface. He didn't resign yesterday. He doesn't know it but he's just delaying the inevitable.

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