Thursday, June 09, 2011

Red Sox Magic Number - 102

It may be a little silly to start a Magic Number countdown at this point of the season but with the Red Sox in first place, playing in New York and the Magic Number at 102 - I couldn't help myself.

The reason I couldn't help myself is because I associate the number 102 with the Empire State Building since that American icon has 102 stories.

Tim Wakefield got the win last night and that was significant in that it was his 196th of his career which ties him for 119th place all-time with Claude Osteen and Bullet Dave Bush. The comparison between Wakefield and Bullet Dave Bush is interesting because both players played for both Pittsburgh and Boston (Bush played with several teams), both won World Series championships for the Red Sox (Bush won in 1918) and both players were known for an unusual pitch. Of course Wakefield is famous for his knuckleball but Bush is often credited as the inventor of the forkball.

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