Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Tim Wakefield finally got his 200th career win last night. In one of the stranger stats you will see anywhere - Wakefield is now tied with Dennis Martinez for most career wins of any MLB pitcher who never had a 20-win season [EDIT: Martinez actually has 245 wins not 200 - not sure what I was thinking]... Erin Andrew really is in pretty good shape... Exhibit A on why football's QB rating is a lousy stat: Tom Brady threw for 517 yards with 4 TD's but is still just 4th in the NFL in QB rating... Tim Wakefield is also just 2 strikeouts from tying Dennis Martinez for 56th place on the all-time strikeout list. Wakefield now has 2,147 K's in his career... Someday I want to own a nice yacht but I think these are too big. These are more like ocean liners than yachts... Is it sad that when I learned that Kevin Youkilis has a sports hernia but will play through the pain and have surgery in the off-season - my first thought was if he was going to wear a truss (like Fred Garvin - Male Prostitute)... The Red Sox had policeman Steven McNulty sing the National Anthem last night. He was REALLY good. Seeing how the Red Sox scored 18 runs last night (baseball people are notoriously superstitious) - I would expect to see McNulty back at Fenway (maybe for the playoffs)... If I were a pro baseball player - I'd want a nickname like Noodles or Chief. Something old-timey... Heh heh - the Legend of Jim Brockmire... Tom Brady is started by 97% of the fantasy football teams on Yahoo! Sports. What the heck is wrong with that other 3%?...

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