Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations. Faithful Republican / Unfaithful Husband "endorsement" of Newt Gingrich was genius. The billboard in Pennsylvania probably cost a few thousand dollars but they are easily getting ten-times that in free exposure... Excellent parody of the David Bowie / Bing Crosby Little Drummer Boy holiday classic... I am glad that the Red Sox did not trade for Gio Gonzalez because he would have cost too much in terms of prospects. I would much rather see the Red Sox commit to making Daniel Bard a starter... Drew Brees cannot get through the gate. The gate is narrow. Also Drew Brees drives a gay parade float... The 50 Funniest Headlines of 2011... "I would like - to feed your fingertips - to the wolverines"... Is it me or have the Boston Celtics draft results from the past several years been awful?... If they made a Broadway play based upon the campaign of Newt Gingrich - the lead could be played by Bernadette Peters... Did I miss the Def Leopard Christmas Special? Damn every year I miss that... I absolutely love this idea:
@StevanRidley - Double Stuffed Oreos should be called Oreos, and regular Oreos should be called Diet Oreos..