Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I am a big fan of Josh Reddick. I thought he was going to be the starting RF in 2012 for the Red Sox. I also think his late season drop-off probably had a lot do do with his injured wrist. Having said that -  really like the trade for Andrew Bailey. He becomes the closer and lets Daniel Bard become a starter. The one thing I'm not so hot on is the idea of Bailey keeping number 40 on his uniform. The last closer to wear that number for the Red Sox was Calvin Schiraldi. Bad juju... Who knew? According to Mental Floss "Barry Manilow's hit 'I Write the Songs' was not written by Barry Manilow"... The Boston Celtics have lost 3 games in less than a week. You would have to go back to October to find 3 losses for the Boston Bruins... Just saying but if I owned a zoo - I would make money on the side doing body disposal Mr. Wu on Deadwood style. Good thing I don't own a zoo... This is an interesting nugget via Sports by Brooks, "Keep in mind, [Mike] Leach was only coach in America who offered Adam James a scholarship, at Craig's behest. SMU wouldn't"... Is it possible that Rex Ryan is actually a worse coach than Herm Edwards? When Edwards was done in NYC he at least was able to get another HC job with the Chiefs. When Ryan is eventually fired by the Jets do you think another team will take on his baggage? Even asking the question comparing him to Edwards is an indictment on Ryan... If Drew Brees broke the passing record before Christmas he might have been able to sell a ton of Isotoner gloves... My daughter makes an awesome drink she calles a Ferrero Rocher. It's half Hazelnut coffee and half hot chocolate.