Friday, December 02, 2011

Tim Tebow - Great Minds Think Alike

From the latest Michael Lombardi article:
One of the elements of Tim Tebow's game that goes unnoticed is that when he plays at home in the Mile High City, the altitude affects the opponents after spending three quarters chasing Tebow around. John Elway would wear out his opponents with his ability to move around, and Tebow does the same. They have different styles but the results are the same - defenses get tired.
Here's what I wrote 2 weeks ago:
Tebow's style of offense has to be wearing on the defense. I suggest that part of the reason Tebow can have that 4th quarter success is because he's worn the defense down during the first 3 quarters. It's harder to catch and tackle a fast big guy like Tebow if you are tired.
Maybe Michael Lombardi reads my blog?

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