Saturday, December 03, 2011

Haiku Horse Handicapping

I read this brief article about the "world's last handwritten newspaper" and it gave me an idea - OK more like it gave me a dream.

If I was a teacher or someone who had the summers off I would spend my summer in Saratoga Springs, NY. Each day I would review the next day's races and I would make my picks. Here's where the dream comes in - each day I would make my picks in Haiku format and would write them out by hand in as neat a calligraphy style as possible. I would then have copies made and would sell them each morning for say $1.50.

The draw would be not just the picks (which I hope would be good) but also the fact I could advertise the broadsheet as both the "only handwritten newspaper in America" and also the "only newspaper in America written in Haiku." People would buy them as novelty items. I could easily sell 100-200 copies a day.

If there is an average of 45 racing days at Saratoga per season then you'd be looking at an income of around $250 per day (when you also factor in advertising). That would be plenty to pay for room, board, betting and beer for the season with probably a few shekels left over to go into the savings account (plus whatever winnings at the track).
Saratoga Dream
Daily make picks in Haiku
Bet horses / have fun

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