Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Can't the Broncos just trade Tim Tebow to the Rockies to be their 5th starter? Bam - problem solved... Video of Bruins'Milan Lucic destroying Michael Komisarek of the Maple Leafs... ESPN should make Bobby Knight announce some women's NCAA games paired with Jeremy Schaap. Tell me the ratings for those games wouldn't be the best women's NCAA games of the year?... If I were an NFL GM and Tim Tebow only cost me a 5th round pick - I'd trade for him and have him return punts and come in on goal-line packages. Seriously... Has anyone asked George Karl what was harder - beating cancer or coaching Carmelo Anthony? Too soon?... I'd love it if someone did a Watchmen mashup with Tim Tebow doing his best Rorschach, "When Peyton Manning gets hurt in the 3rd game of the season and the fickle Broncos fans plead save us - I'll whisper 'NO'"...  Mitt Romney overwhelmingly won the Puerto Rico primary / caucus and though the result was not surprising the fact that no news outlet mentioned that historically the island is tied to the Massachusetts Congressional delegation was. The ties to Massachusetts go back generations yet nobody mentioned the connection... If the day after Christmas can be known as Boxing Day - why can't the day after Saint Patrick's Day be known as Hangover Day?... Can pregnant women go swimming?