Saturday, March 10, 2012


One of the more under-rated comedies of Walter Matthau's career was  Hopscotch from 1980. In the movie Matthau plays an older CIA agent who decides to write his memoirs instead of retiring behind a desk. Excellent dialog which you have to pay attention to or you will miss some gems. For instance when Matthau tells Glenda Jackson's character that he's retiring because Myerson (Ned Beatty) has taken over his division - Jackson asks, "See you next Tuesday Myerson?" This was back in 1980! I'm guessing that little insult made it past the censors on a regular basis because it was coming from such an innocuous person in such an innocuous movie.

As a bonus you have a "young" Sam Waterston as Matthau's protege who has to first replace him then find and stop him.

Worth the time to rent or buy.