Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 5: Game Change

I watched the HBO original series Game Change last night and for what it's worth - here's my Top 5 impressions:

1. Sarah Palin (as portrayed) did come off as ignorant when it came to international politics and history. But as bad as the semi-fictionalized account was she still wasn't Wolf Blitzer in real life on Jeopardy stupid.
2. John McCain came off as very Presidential. If the goal of the show was to make people think, "Thank God we didn't elect Palin" I think they failed because I think overall the show made people see John McCain as a good, decent man who in hindsight was better prepared to be President than Barack Obama.
3. Barack Obama was portrayed only with real clips of the real Obama. As I mentioned above - the overall impression the show gave was that Obama wasn't prepared to be President. The Republicans would be wise to make The Who's Don't Get Fooled Again their campaign anthem.
4. The show mentioned the impact of YouTube on the campaign. This election cycle that will work against Obama because John McCain's campaign ads still hold up very good against Obama (like this one that was Nostradamus like on gas prices) and Obama's own campaign promises and ads won't go down the memory hole.
5. I called it a semi-fictionalized account above because it is clear the writers took many liberties with the truth.