Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I understand that it was Woody Johnson's granddaughter who was really behind the Jets extending the contract of Mark Sanchez. She thinks he's really cute. There is also a clause in the extension that he has to take her to the prom... Probably going to hell for this - the Passive Aggression of the Christ... I will never even consider buying Geico insurance until they get rid of that stupid cavemen... Strange - I don't think the local ponds ever really froze over enough for ice skating this winter. Maybe a few of the smaller ones for a week at most. Can't ever remember a winter like that... It should be noted that Keith Olbermann really stopped being taken seriously by anyone right after Ben Affleck did his spot on impression of him on SNL. Olbermann has pretty much been a joke since... I know that Ron Paul supporters wouldn't necessarily vote for Mitt Romney even if Ron Paul told them to do so but that doesn't hold true for Ron Paul's delegates. Going into yesterday's voting Romney had 404 delegates while all other had just 337. If you added Ron Paul's total to Romney's - you'd have a truly commanding lead. This should not be forgotten. Ron Paul is Romney's insurance in case Newt or Santorum does drop out of the race.