Friday, March 23, 2012

Terry Francona Still Classy - Boston Globe Still Not So Much

Yesterday Terry Francona broadcast his first game for ESPN covering his old team - the Boston Red Sox. This of course spawned a media circus. Still Francona didn't shirk away from answering questions. He handled things with class, humor and dignity.

That's more than can be said about those who fired him and those who smeared him on his way out the door.

It needs to be said that the Boston Globe's Bob Hohler has become troll-like hiding under a rock somewhere since his hit-job piece on Terry Francona. Has his byline been seen since he smeared Francona? Has he answered any questions from reporters like Francona did yesterday? No - absolutely gutless!

And let's not let the Boston Globe off the hook. Remember the Globe's priority of protecting sources - they published the name of the woman who anonymously turned in mass murderer Whitey Bulger but they hide behind "unnamed sources" when it comes to allegations of marital problems, pain-killer use and chicken and beer in the clubhouse. Remember that the next time someone from the Globe gets on their high horse regarding journalistic ethics.