Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tale of the Tape - Rex Ryan vs Herm Edwards

So Rex Ryan bristles when being compared to Herm Edwards reign as HFC of the NYJ? Sometimes the truth hurts.

As pointed out - Edwards went 39-41 as Jets head coach but went to 3 playoffs. Ryan is currently 43-42 as Jets coach but only has 2 playoff appearances. The Jets might not win one game between now and their week 11 bye. If that happens - the bye week might be when the team finally announces the firing of Rex Ryan.

Consider this - Herm Edwards regular season winning percentage as Jets coach was .487. Right now Rex Ryan's winning percentage as head coach is .506 but if loses his next 3 games that falls to .489 and if he loses his next 4 that falls to .483 - worse than Herm Edwards. The next 4 Jets games are against the Broncos, Patriots, Bills, and Chiefs.

Maybe Rex Ryan is so bristly is because he's done the math?

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  1. I won't guess why he is bristly, but I'm fairly sure he hasn't (can't ?) done the math.