Friday, October 31, 2014

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

A lot of new movies and shows coming to Netflix in November. And a lot of movies and shows are being taken out of the library including favorites Serenity and Broadcast News. Plan your day accordingly... Fan favorite Kevin Youkilis has decided to retire. The Greek God of Walks saw 292 3-0 counts in his career (according to MLB Stats) and never swung at a single one of those pitches... 36-years ago yesterday the single greatest holiday episode of any show ever aired. As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly... I have to wonder if Youkilis will spend part of his retirement taking the wife to follow brother-in-law Tom Brady's games on the road. My mind can easily picture Youkilis in a Winnebago... Heh heh - "Draw me like one of your French girls"... Can't stop thinking that in the next Avengers movie they are in effect fighting the Fox Sports robot... Very interesting story - the gentleman thief of Venice... The Steelers are retiring Mean Joe Greene's number this Sunday. How is it possible his number hasn't been retired already?... Speaking of Kevin Youkilis' brother-in-law, last Sunday Brady accomplished something only one QB in NFL history had previously accomplished. Brady had 85 percent completions (30-35), over 350 yards passing and 5 TD's with no INT's. The only other QB to accomplish this? Tom Brady... Interesting - India holds more gold than the governments of the US, Germany and Switzerland combined...

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