Monday, March 16, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Yesterday was the Ides of March - famous because it is forever connected with the murder of Julius Caesar back in 44 BC. Less well known is the fact the Caesar was only murdered because Lucius Vorenus wasn't there to protect him... Interesting behind the scenes look at the making of Mad Men... Maybe the worst part of Saint Patrick's Day is the fat guy in a kilt - you run into one every year. You know the guy who talks about the "breeze" no matter the weather and of "dangling shillelaghs" all in an attempt to get you to ask if the guy is wearing any underwear. You know the guy...  Bad family structure defeats good economic numbers... How come ham has a pinkish color while pork sausage is brown? Same meat different colors. Why? How come I never thought about this before?... 15 back-stabbing facts about Brutus. What was compelling to me was how many of those historical facts were woven into the HBO series Rome... If feel like I've missed something important having never read Terry Pratchett. Maybe time to order the first Discworld book?... Interesting interview with Bill Simmons... Would you eat the moon if it was made of ribs? Harry Caray would...


  1. Pretty sure that ham has that color from the cure. Sausage isn't (usually) made from Boston Butt (shoulder), and it isn't made from cured meat.

  2. I'm just thankful this was never a question my kids asked me.

    Hope you are feeling better BTW

  3. I just re-read all of the Discworld books (in order this time). Truly one of the greatest authors in the English language. They start pretty well and get better and better, at least until the last few, when he was struggling with Alzheimer's.