Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Top 5 - Thoughts on Darrelle Revis

Here are 5 thoughts on Darrelle Revis and his signing with the New York Jets.

1. First - thank you! The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions and Darrelle Revis played a big role in that success. Patriots fans have become somewhat jaded by the success of the Belichick/Brady era but fans of other NFL teams - say of the Jets, Dolphins and Bills for example - can tell you how difficult just one Super Bowl can be to attain. So thank you Darrelle for 2014.

2. In Bill we trust. Only a moron would think that Revis signing with the Jets took Belichick by surprise. I'm sure he has a Plan B, Plan C, etc. etc. What are those plans? Only Bill really knows so it is a waste of time speculating about it (though all day today on sports talk radio people will be doing just that).

3. It should not be overlooked that Tom Brady had a full season of practice against Revis. Do you not think that will come in handy the two times each year New England plays the Jets? You also know that Belichick was looking at Revis all year with questions of what are his weaknesses and how could teams exploit them.

4. The Jets were 4-12 last year and they still have Geno Smith as their starting QB. The Patriots are a playoff team with or without Revis. The Jets? Not so much. But hey you got the back pages of the tabloids for a couple of days in March - so you have that going for ya!

5. I'm hoping the NFL awards the Patriots a draft pick for compensation for Jets owner Woody Johnson's comments about Revis which were a clear cut example of tampering. I want the draft pick just so I can point at the player New England takes with that pick and say, "that's the guy we got because the Jets owner can't keep his mouth shut."

Bonus thought: If you are into player comparisons think of Revis signing with the Jets this way; they basically just got Deion Sanders age and performance-wise during the last 4 years of his career. There was no fifth year because Deion was cooked by then.

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