Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rio Show de Merda Olympics

The first four days of the Rio Olympics have been a virtual American orgasm of success especially in men's and women's swimming and in women's gymnastics. These games might be remembered as the Michael Phelps Olympics. Seriously - does anyone think that this won't be one of the lasting images of the Rio Games? For the less mature this might be the one. That doesn't mean that there hasn't been a slew of strange, unsettling or just plain wrong things happening in Brazil.

Lost in all the other swimming hype Ryan Lochte announced plans to be lead singer in an Everclear cover band post Olympics.

The bad news for Michael Phelps and the other winners is the value of their gold medals has been literally debased. Sad but true - as debased as the gold medals have become they are still less debased than what Russia has done to the Olympic ideals. The Russians aren't alone in not understanding what sportsmanship or goodwill mean. I guess when so much money is involved goodwill and the true sporting spirit just don't add to the bottom line.

The pollution and dirty water isn't even limited to outdoor venues in Rio as this photo of the diving pool attests. Good on Clorox for not missing a great marketing opportunity.

People are taking literal pot-shots at the press. Coaches are getting robbed at knife-point. Rare creatures are sacrificed in attempts at pageantryAnd officials even lost the keys to the Olympic Stadium.

Meanwhile in the real world in Brazil - they are going to have an impeachment trial for their President.

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