Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ted Williams

Ted Williams would have turned 98-years old today. He was a complete bad-ass fighting for the Marines in both World War II and in Korea.

He is a member of both the Baseball Hall of Fame and the International Game Fish Hall of Fame.

Williams is the last man to hit .400 in MLB and is wildly regarded as the greatest hitter who ever lived. Williams was so great that during Joe DiMaggio's historic 56-game hitting streak - Williams actually had a better batting average over those same 56 games.

I was too young to ever see him play but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate both his baseball career and his service to his country.

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  1. He is the reason I'm a Red Sox fan, even though I was also too young to ever see him play. "My Turn at Bat" was the first book I read in English.