Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Founder of Tower Records dies at age 92 while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars

- Nor'easter uncovers skeleton of sunken Revolutionary War-era ship on Maine beach

- Wreck of the USS Lexington located in the Coral Sea by expedition led by Paul Allen. Nice work sir!

- Navalism - Quotes & Perceptions by Naval Ravikant. This is something I will try to revisit periodically because there is a lot of wisdom captured here.

- This kind of is the essence of Hollywood and the Oscars

- Kevin Love opens up about mental health. Good for Kevin Love!

- Posted without comment. (To myself "If you create a system that can be gamed - people will game it." Glad I kept that to myself)

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