Saturday, January 19, 2019

AFC Championship Game

To the left is the cover of a 30-page special section of the Kansas City Star for tomorrow's AFC Championship game.

What are the people at the Star trying to say here? That Tom Brady is Thanos and his five Super Bowl rings are the five Infinity Stones? [Spoiler Alert!] Don't the people at the Star know that Thanos won? Are they saying Tom Brady is going to simply snap his fingers and make the Chiefs disappear?

Are they saying Patrick Mahomes is a woman? They know that Captain Marvel is a woman - right? NTTAWWT.

My hunch is the guy who did this artwork must be a Patriots fan. Troll level - awesome!

At least they didn't make any Endgame allusions. Because that's for the Super Bowl (which is of course the end game of the NFL season).

Do better KC Star. Do better!

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