Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dick Vermeil and Ron Jaworski For Monday Night Football

I tried to stay up for the Chargers / Raiders game last night and made it to the 3rd quarter before falling asleep on the couch. However, I did see enough of the game to be blown away by how good Dick Vermeil and Ron Jaworski were as analysts. They were smart, they were funny and they were insightful. They made me want to turn up the volume to hear what they were saying instead of turning on the mute button (hello Joe Theisman).

Eric at Off Win Opinion felt the same way.

I thought Brad Nessler was OK. In my mind though he was a spare part and it was the dynamic between ex-QB (Jaworski) and ex-coach (Vermeil) that made it something special. Add in a Sean McDonoungh and you probably have the best broadcasting booth in football.

One last comment - I'm an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan (more politically than movie wise) but last night he came off as a complete moron when he went into the broadcast booth. I hope his advisors keep him away from live micrphones at all future sporting events.

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